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Apex offers unparalleled access to the wealth of information already within your enterprise. We use cutting-edge technology to seamlessly provide your people and teams with direct access to the information and relevant connected insights they need most. 

Unify data and grow your enterprise knowledge

KiteEdge enhances information flows, enabling your teams to harness the full spectrum of your enterprise’s intellectual property.


This is achieved through the integration of the latest technologies with your invaluable human capital, further amplified by visual tools designed to unveil context and interconnections like never before. 


Apex is a effectivelly a knowledge operating system which unifies and enhances all of your enterprise knowledge. 

Individual insights, collective intelligence

Teams and individuals have unique ways of working and valuable tacit knowledge. Apex enhances existing approaches, integrates modern technologies like LLMs, and encourages sharing of perspectives for collective intelligence, essential for organisational success.

Benefit of a grounded Large Language Model (LLM)

LLMs are powerful but their answers cannot always be trusted. One way to overcome this is to ground and effectively validate responses through the semantically organised information within a knowledge graph. This enhances an LLM’s ability to provide precise and context-aware responses. 


The Ontology Project is an initiative within the financial community to produce and maintain an ontology for the collective grounding of LLMs.

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