Transforming how enterprises leverage knowledge

Our mission and vision

Leverage enterprise knowledge

Enabling them to become agile, competitive, and future-ready (prioritising trust, security, and privacy).

Empower knowledge workers

Enabling them to effectively connect the dots within a dynamic and adaptable source of truth – to discover and create personal insights.

Unleash collective intelligence

KiteEdge will shape a future where knowledge and insights are amplified, harmonised and fully realised for unprecedented success.

Our team

James Flavin

CEO & Co-founder

Neil Scarth


Advisory Board

Amar Rajani

Advisory Board Member / Lead Investor

Bill Templer

Advisory Board Member

Charles Scott

Advisory Board Member

Kia Philips

Serial tech entrepreneur, AI / Analytics in TMT and other industries

Peter Holmes

Advisory Board Member

Stephen Scruton

Advisory Board Member

Yoann Turpin

Yoann Turpin