What is Apex?

Apex uses cutting-edge technology to seamlessly provide you with direct access to the insights previously hidden across your enterprise. Explore the future of knowledge management today.

Search across all your enterprise data

Unique insights start with enterprise-ready search which puts your people in control

Context-aware Search

A singular access point for all enterprise data, searched in a way that is personal to you; exact match, graph visualisations or LLM chat. By consolidating disparate data sources into one searchable interface, we ensure no piece of vital information is left undiscovered.

Advanced Filters

You shouldn’t rely on your LLM to decide what is relevant. Filter across all document metadata and enhance your search precision. This feature facilitates a detailed filtering of results, honing in on the most relevant data aligned with your search parameters.

Section-based Results

With Apex, search results not only identify the pertinent documents but also highlight the exact sections within them that are relevant to your query. This saves time and enhances the efficiency of your search process.

Leverage the power of cutting-edge AI

Only Apex offers AI integration grounded in collective industry knowledge

Textual Analysis

Harness the power of AI with our Text Analysis feature, which effortlessly interprets, categorises, and breaks down vast amounts of text data, enabling deeper understanding and sharper insights.


With Apex’s Summarisation feature, lengthy documents are condensed into succinct summaries. This AI-driven tool provides the essence of your data quickly and effectivel

Trusted Results

To bolster trust in AI-generated insights, Apex provides knowledge graph-based visual citation. This unique feature ensures transparency and traceability by linking results back to their data source within the knowledge graph. 

Grow and surf your enterprise's knowledge graph

All your enterprise content and people with dynamic connections to our extensive domain ontologies 

All Your Enterprise's Content

Apex treats the content your enterprise has access to as unique nodes within the knowledge graph, whether self-generated or accessed from a third-party.  This enables users to understand the context and interrelations of your knowledge within the wider data ecosystem.

Industry Specific Ontologies

Our technology uses AI to create relationships between your content and a robust industry-specific ontology. This allows document discovery via concepts, themes and languages that are vital to your industry. It also allows you to discover patterns and trends that might have otherwise remained hidden. Enterprises can grow the ontology to best represent their own unique needs.

People and Interactions

Our Knowledge Graph doesn’t just connect data. It also maps people and their interactions. Discover other experts based on their relationships to the data you are investigating. Discover insights more quickly by following expert knowledge stored within the graph.

Discover experts in your enterprise

Dynamic relevance between people and expertise based on their activity

Expert Identification

Apex intelligently identifies relevant experts within your organisation. This powerful feature allows individuals to connect with the right people at the right time. 

Collaborative Networking

Apex transforms searches into networking opportunities by suggesting people with related expertise. Apex fosters collaboration by ensuring your enterprise’s tacit knowledge is always within reach.

Maximise Individual Potential

Apex is more than just a search tool. It’s a catalyst for maximising human potential. By seamlessly connecting data and people, it creates a dynamic knowledge ecosystem that encourages continuous learning, growth, and innovation within your enterprise.

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