Why Apex?

Apex is a knowledge operating system that unleashes an enterprise’s potential by significantly enhancing the flow of knowledge, enabling teams to harness the full spectrum of intellectual property that already exists across their enterprisewhether tacit or explicit.

Apex can provide countless benefit to an enterprise:


Single source of truth

With Apex, everyone in your organisation operates from the same up-to-date Knowledge Graph. This ensures consistency of information and reduces the risk of disjointed decision-making based on outdated or incomplete data.


Actual Connections, not a Black Box

Apex can transform your data landscape from an inscrutable blackbox into a vibrant, visual map of connections. This transparent approach allows for a deep, intuitive understanding of your data, unearthing hidden connections and empowering more informed decision-making.


Grounded results with visual and text-based citations

With Apex’s Graph Citation, every AI-generated insight is verifiable. It provides a clear lineage back to the data source, lending credibility and trust to your search results.


Adaptable to enterprise and teams' worldview

We avoid traditional tagging or categorisation methods in our platform. Instead, we rely on a data-driven and dynamic approach that adapts to each team and user’s unique experiences and perspectives. Furthermore, for teams with legacy approaches or metadata they wish to preserve, our system accommodates and integrates them, offering a truly flexible solution.


Accumulate knowledge

Leveraging its Collective Intelligence feature, Apex allows you to build upon the insights generated by others in your organisation. This fosters a culture of shared learning and continuous improvement.


Removes gatekeepers​

Apex democratises access to information, eliminating knowledge gatekeepers. It provides everyone equal access to the data they need, empowering a more informed and collaborative workforce.