Collective Intelligence

Insight discovery is an overwhelming task. Staff contend with an ever-increasing flood of content streams as they conduct their daily work. The sheer volume of information can be debilitating as important facts and supporting insights are missed, or worse, lost. The solution is Collective Intelligence.

What is Collective Intelligence?

Collective Intelligence is the combination of dynamic knowledge graphs and LLMs that powers our search platform. It unifies, harmonises and protects enterprise data while amplifying insight discovery.


Imports all enterprise content and converts it to graph objects

Unify Enterprise Content

Collective Intelligence is our technology for unifying your enterprise content. It is focused on the evolving needs of individuals and their teams rather than a generic and static, multi-client schema file.

Merge Disparate Data

Apex merges disparate data sources into a unified whole, facilitating seamless access and search across all your data and written content.

Intelligent Linking

By intelligently linking documents, themes, and experts, Apex transforms your diverse content into a powerful, interconnected knowledge resource that combines internal/external content and improves tacit and explicit knowledge flows.


Calculates connections between our extensive domain ontologies

Industry-specific ontologies

Apex harmonises your content through the application of industry-specific ontologies that are applied to your knowledge graph.

Collective Intelligence

Collective Intelligence fuels this process, providing a shared, contextual understanding of data across your organisation.

Deeper Insight

This harmonisation reveals deeper insights, enhances data relevancy, and strengthens decision-making processes.


Collective Intelligence amplifies individual insight creation

Human Intelligence First

The Collective Intelligence methodology at the core of Apex is designed to amplify human insight capabilities. We put the individual front and centre, supported with advanced machine intelligence.

Efficient Insight Creation

By integrating advanced features like expert identification, collaborative networking, and human potential maximisation, Apex empowers individuals and teams with superior understanding and knowledge.

Accumulate Knowledge

The result is an enterprise that’s smarter, more agile, and capable of navigating the complexity of today’s data-driven world.


Identifies your experts and stores your knowledge in a highly searchable graph

Build Your Knowledge Assets

Apex’s unique approach ensures that new findings and understandings are stored back into your enterprise’s knowledge graph, enriching the collective knowledge base over time.

Continuous Learning & Growth

This creates a cycle of continuous learning and growth, fostering a robust and resilient knowledge ecosystem within your enterprise.

Protect & Cultivate

Collective Intelligence doesn’t just uncover insights; it also protects and cultivates your company culture and its collective wisdom.

Accumulate Knowledge

Leveraging its Collective Intelligence feature, Apex allows you to build upon the insights generated by others in your organisation. This fosters a culture of shared learning and continuous improvement.

One Source of Truth

With Apex, everyone in your organisation operates from the same up-to-date Knowledge Graph. This ensures consistency of information and reduces the risk of disjointed decision-making based on outdated, inconsistent or incomplete data.